IMG_2917Pastors Stuart and Cathy Greer have equipped pastors, leaders, bible school students, schools of ministry students and congregations all over the world in deliverance, healing, prophetic ministry, power evangelism, spiritual gifts and more. They equip in a easy practical style that empowering believers with confidence to step into all that God has given them. Their training materials have been translated in various languages and is available through this website.

To invite Stuart and Cathy to equip and speak please email us info@msnministries.org.  All requests are prayerfully considered.

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“After getting to know Stuart and Cathy Greer over the years and ministering alongside of them many times, I am convinced that they are the real deal.  God is continually setting people free through the ministry He has given them.  Stuart and Cathy love Jesus and His people with all IMG_2390their hearts and have been equipped by Him to do the stuff (heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out demons, preach the good news, and more).  I highly recommend supporting their ministry and taking any opportunity to receive prayer from them.  I pray that every church, community, and believer is blessed to be in relationship with such powerful ministers.” – Pastor Mike Fanning, Heritage Christian Fellowship, San Clemente, CA

“My experience with Stuart & Cathy has been wonderful.  They are always available to help those who need it and offer great advice and direction. They continue to impress me with their knowledge, skill and dedication to their work, but most of all, their love for Jesus Christ. Stuart & Cathy are also very sound in their belief and well grounded in the Word of God. In this tumultuous time in the body of Christ where so many have deviated from the Word of God, IMG_2772Stuart & Cathy have uncompromising faith that stems from their conviction that the Word of God is the Absolute Truth. I am so thankful to see such dedicated servants of God who are unwilling to be moved by the every wind of doctrine. They are solidly grounded in the Word of God and the Love of God.” – Pastor Ryan Lee, Blessed International Revival Center, Anaheim, CA

“I have known Stuart and Cathy for more than eight years, having also served with Cathy for five years on the staff of Vineyard Community Church in Laguna Niguel. I have observed them both individually, as a married couple and in ministry. I could not recommend the Greer’s with any more enthusiasm or admiration. Their commitment to Christ, the leadership anointing on them, their passion for ministry, their zeal for God’s kingdom, and the faith level they walk in, is truly inspiring.”- Pastor, Jay Grant, Little Church by the Sea, Laguna Beach, CA

“I have known Cathy for almost 25 years and I have always struck by her hunger for Jesus and her willing ness to learn and grow. I’ve also seen the deep compassion of Jesus and her heart for the lost as she ministers to people nationally and internationally. Her selfless servanthood in her personal and ministry life have also been evident all of these years!” – The Late, Jill Austin, Prophet and Author, Master Potter Ministries.

“Cathy is quite gifted prophetically, and Stuart has great discernment. Both of them are a delight, have a wonderful sense of humor, and enjoy Jesus with all their hearts! We will greatly miss them in our church but we’re looking forward to wonderful reports as they step out in this venture to the nations.” – Sr. Pastor, Mike Hudgins, Vineyard Community Church, Laguna Niguel, CA