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Passion For Jesus And His Global Harvest

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Passion For Jesus And His Global Harvest

Listen Groups are similar to a house church but instead of a house it’s a baobab tree in Northern Ghana. They gather twice a week and listen to an audio version of the Bible. It’s through these Listen Groups that many have come to know Christ and are discipled. Currently, these groups use tape recorders but we […]

We work directly with indigenous apostolic leaders and further the efforts of church planting through funding outreaches, church planting workshop and training potential pastors. Please consider sponsoring a church plant, outreach, church planting workshops and/or pastoral training through this ministry. Monthly support for a village pastor is as little as $50 us dollars a month. For more information about […]

These materials are used to raise funds for the ongoing work of Mission Support Network in the nations. Thank you for your donations. A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO DREAM INTERPRETATION By Cathy Greer Did you receive a dream from God? Do you want to know what God is saying to you? Dreams from God are precious. […]


The Transforming Power Of God's Love

  • “Every kind of body pain you can imagine, ringing in the ear, crippled hands, frozen shoulders, back, neck, leg and more were completely healed!  The Kingdom of God was breaking out through them! Praise God!”

  • It turned out one of their family members was involved with a radical group that had come against them threatening to kill them. They have been in hiding for a year but God declared it was over.

  • When I go to sleep in the middle of the night people come to me. Sometimes we go and steal from people or kill them. I do want to do this in my dreams but when I don’t I fall sick. When I started watching the Jesus film I saw the spirits come to me from my dreams but then the people prayed for me and they ran away. After receiving Christ I was free. – Kadoa.


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